Richard Miller RM052 skull tourbillon watch prices


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Richard Miller RM052 skull tourbillon watch prices

Richard Miller RM052 skull tourbillon watch prices Brand characteristics
Richard miller believes in "cutting edge, innovative technology; Durable and easy to use, without loss of sophistication; Manual modification, interprets the peak "brand philosophy, each product of the wrist watch is the design and style are distinctive innovation breath, at the same time will wear comfortable at first, by all the beautiful curve design accord with human body engineering, perfect the wrist joint, many details clearly shows Richard miller clocks and watches of superior, unified and complete production.

Richard Mille, the founder of his eponymous brand, once said: "my goal is to make the 'formula one' of the watch industry." Up to the end of 2005, the nine Richard Mille watches, from the design concept, tabulating materials to the appearance and performance of each part of the watch, have a very close relationship with the precision design of formula one racing cars. The inspiration of shock absorber and function selection key of the wrist watch are both from the automobile. The function selection key of the wrist watch is the original technology of Richard Mille.

Richard miller unveiled the new rm11-03 at the end of 2016, cheap luxury watches and Richard Mille and Jean Todt - celebrated their 50th anniversary at the chantilly show art and elegance.

richard mille for sale has created a 50th anniversary RM 11-03 Jean Todt for Jean Todt, in homage to his old brand friend, each with his name on it and in his favourite colour. After the release of counters and accept reservations, the price in the RMB 950,000 yuan or so, but to this day, the rm11-03 on the market to break the ice point, almost money can not buy the color, let countless table tickle! Since there is no stock for a long time, customers who have reserved the Richard miller counter can only return the deposit. However, the design concept and style of the watch have been updated, and almost every position (both physical and mechanical) has been recycled. You can see the watch case, still retains the original flavor, designed by Richard miller in 2001 iconic tonneau integral type, easy to open at the same time, separate from other wrist watch in wear very comfortable is moderate, is also all details has changed, its structure is based on three layer architecture structure into: dial/mechanical interlayer/table back. The simple visual effect behind, but is tightly connected by 20 titanium alloy spline screws (top 12, back 8), can be exquisite, breathtaking.

In 2001, Richard Mille launched the first wristwatch RM001. The product was an instant hit and became an international success.In 2006, Richard Mille introduced six new mechanical best swiss watch brands with a new design concept.

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