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Why is your Optimum internet not working? 

There are two basic ways to get rid of the internet not working issue, either you can choose to fix it manually or directly reach out to the professional customer support service for Optimum where you can also learn about optimum bill pay. Before we start further and explain how to fix the internet not working issue, let’s know about Optimum and how it works.

Optimum Introduction

Optimum is high-speed internet service provider across various cities of the USA. Optimum is confined to just providing internet service but it also offers cable television and home phone services.

When it comes to cable television, the Optimum users get access over 200 channels. Owned by Cablevision Optimum has expanded its reach to a great extent in the passing years. The Optimum service issues are also the major aspect of Optimum that compels the users to reach out to online tech support service providers.

Optimum slow or not working internet issue is the most frequent issue that the users face while using the service.

Easy way to fix Optimum slow and not an internet issue 

· Check your router settings

· Reconnect all the cables

· Ensure Signals are proper to keep the speed intact

· Ensure your PC has no malware or viruses

· Close background programs that slow down the internet speed


Consider approaching Optimum Customer service

By considering these tips, you are supposed to fix the internet issue with your Optimum service. If these tips don’t work out for you, then you already have an option to approach Optimum customer service. Whether it is optimum bill pay or optimum activation issue, this is the one-stop solution to your every Optimum related issue.


Optimum internet outrage or internet services being affected are the generic issue that can be fixed easily by approaching tech executives at Optimum Customer Service.

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