Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans Grade B Ideal for Making Desserts and Meat Item


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The Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans Grade B are cultivated on the Bourbon island of Madagascar. These beans have high fragrance, sweet and creamy flavour. These beans are added to increase the visual delight of a number of frozen desserts. Popularly used for baking items, the vanilla beans are common addition to custards, yogurt, ice cream and puddings. Even on savory front, these beans add a rich texture to seafood, poultry and pork. The Grade B beans have 15-25%  moisture content, relatively short in size, say 4’’-6’’ and have some spots. The 1 LBS of vanilla beans contain maximum 160 pods. The pods of Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans Grade B are available in various prices. In order to buy them at the right price, look for an online supplier and place an online order. There are many reputed suppliers offer fast doorstep delivery of both Grade A and Grade B vanilla beans at affordable rates.

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