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With the vast change with the world’s economy due to the pandemic, business landscape has its fair share of change as well. From small businesses closing down to businesses in demand during this time, and from laying off of employees to the new work from home set up, everyone felt the effect of the Covid-19. The year 2020 is the year of surviving, whether as an individual or corporate, everyone is trying their very best to survive and thrive for the coming years to come. But how do businesses continue their operations during this time? Simple, having the right business software.

Business software is an essential tool that can make or break a company. It is why carefully choosing the right business software for your business is important especially during this time. Below are some of the examples of business software for the new normal that your company can use to achieve its goal and move forward with confidence this 2020;

  1. Video Conferencing Software – this business software will help you stay connected with your whole team despite being apart these are Zoom, Skype, Google Meet and etc.
  2. Instant Messaging Software – like video conferencing software, this software can help you deliver messages, photos, and files real time, an example of this are Telegram, Viber, and Facebook Messenger.
  3. Team Management Software – your team’s individual efforts can be monitored by a team management business software, take Trello and Workzone for example.
  4. Accounting Software or Accounting System – to fully utilize your resources, you must use an effective accounting system. If mask is a must nowadays, accounting system is also a must for businesses. This will help you identify whether your business is making profits or losses, help you keep track of your expenses and technically, help your business survive. An great example of a BIR-Ready Accounting System is QNE Software Philippines, Inc.

Aside from being a BIR-Ready Accounting System, QNE Software Philippines, Inc. also offers Accounting and Payroll Software that is Cloud-ready! Perfect for the new business normal. To know more about QNE Software and its offers, contact 09177104722 or email us at

Let your business grow in the new normal with the right business software!

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