Top 10 previous questions which is likely to repeat in Lean SSGB certifications.


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We insist that you should not prepare with this mindset! If you have not enrolled in any kind of training program, then things will be difficult for you in the examination. Targeting only the repetitive questions makes you more arrogant towards the fact that certification exams are really unpredictable. All those questions that tend to repeat are basic introductory questions. 

Before we move on to the topic, we will be vocal about the SSGB exam pattern. To help you analyze and presume what to expect and what not to? If you really want to conquer this 4 hours long examination that has 100 0bjective questions. You ought to have proper training and grasp over its BOK. However, this examination is an open book styled. But you cannot take the risk of not preparing for it.


The curriculum


When you are set to prepare for this certification. Make it sure that you spare at least nine months to it. Having said that we want you not to haste the process of learning. Altogether there are lots of things that you learn through this certification. And these learnings are quintessential for you in the field of quality management. In the curriculum, you can expect the following chapters:

  • History of Six Sigma
  • Problem-solving methods and tools
  • Statistics, tools of analysis and data collection methods
  • Process mapping and measurement techniques including six sigma tools
  • DMAIC, DMADV and some parts of PDCA
  • Meeting customers’ requirements
  • Quantifying process performance
  • Statistical tools to understand variation.


The prerequisite


Although you are accepted to sit for the certification exam if you have done your internship in part-time projects. But it is ideal for you to have at least three years of full time paid experience in quality management or project management.

As this is an intermediate certification, so the council of SSC does not prefer to have strict bars for entry.


Roles and responsibilities


Lean Six Sigma Green belts with desirable experience can lead process improvement teams. But if you are a nonexperience candidate, you will get an enormous opportunity to work in the team. It opens a doorway to practice lean six sigma improvement processes, participate in projects, coordination in data collection and creating various reports. 


Career opportunities


It all depends upon your experience in the process improvement teams and project management teams. Certainly, job positions like Operation Manager, Operation team leader, project manager, quality manager and mechanical engineer require you to have exceptional career track and progress record. 

Though you will find training institutes boasting on the internet that with their training and your effort, you can work on the above roles. Which is a lie actually. No company will directly feed you the responsibilities and roles of a manager if you do not qualify the experience ceiling. No matter how much ingenious you are, your start will be humble, and this certification is just an intermediate certification that helps you to land in the team. And you need to climb the certification ladder to actually work as an Operational, quality or process manager.


These are the top ten previous questions that are likely to repeat:


  • In a single factor ANOVA, the assumption of homogeneity of variance applies to: 


a. The variance within the treatment groups 

b. The total variance

c. The variances of the treatment groups                                               

d. All the Above

The answer is option a.


ANOVA assumes natural variation with homogeneity in its factors, while the statistical tests exist to test this homogeneity. Thus with analysis of variance, we actually assume the variance within each treatment factor.


  • A perfect regression model with all points fitting the regression line has Sum Square of Errors.


  1. >0
  2. <0
  3. Equals to 0
  4. Equals to 1

The answer is option c.


You find this question in almost every years question paper. This question is asked to test your knowledge about the regression model. Thus as per the question for a regression model to be functional, the plot has to have a sum of the square for the errors to be equal to 0.


  • A QFD template allows the Six Sigma team to learn which of the following?


  1. The most important customer requirements
  2. The performance of a company versus competitors
  3. The core area of focus for efforts
  4. All the above

The answer is option d.

If you have studied the BOK, then you know that a QFD table shows all the above options.


  • An SSGB practitioner constructs a control chart to display a process mean and its outer limits. In such a chart, what does UCL stands for?


  1. Upper Cycle Length
  2. Upper Control Limit
  3. Upper Cycle Limit
  4. Upper Control Length

The answer is option b.


  • An organization finds that an extra measure of security added to online transactions did not reduce the incidence of identity theft. What is this concept of management referred to?


  1. No-value added
  2. No security added
  3. Limited effectiveness model
  4. Identity theft model

The answer is option a.


  • Rolled throughput Yield best indicates:


  1. The quality levels of the process
  2. The need for improvement 
  3. The time and effort spent on rework and scrap
  4. The utilization of the process

The answer is option c.


  • With which of the following distributions is the term “degrees of freedom” inapplicable?


  1. F distribution
  2. Poisson
  3. Student’s t
  4. Chi-square

 The answer is option b.


  • Which of the following is an example of a Primary metric for Six Sigma Projects?


  1. Quality
  2. Morale of employees 
  3. Average turnover
  4. Customer satisfaction

The answer is option a.


  • What type of waste is “an accountant going to the first floor to pick up documents from the printer”?


  1. Overproduction
  2. Motion
  3. Radiation
  4. Underutilization

The answer is option b.


  • Which of the following is not necessary for the Six Sigma team to update in the Project Charter in the Define Phase?


  1. Project Name and description
  2. Business need
  3. Project purpose
  4. Constraints

The answer is option d.

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