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In the current ‘New Normal’ businesses are tested whether they can adapt to the change or not. One of the Key Factors that impacts their process is technology, most businesses still do their transactions in a traditional way, meaning pen and paper or excel. Knowing the importance of Digital Business Software can help businesses be openminded with the effect of still doing Manual versus having a Business Software for Digital Transformation.


Although manual method cannot be totally removed because it is one of the components of every business, it can be limited. What are the manual processes that can be improved?

1. Accounting Process – Instead of using excel sheets or writing transaction in a log book, accounting transactions can be recorded through an Accounting Software that can secure and keep your big sized data. It also has real-time posting in the books so you don’t need to worry of double-entry transaction.

  1. Inventory Balance Monitoring – usually warehouse officers handle numerous stock inventory and most often, they lose count or ends having an inaccurate inventory data which may cause poor customer service and less profit.
  2. Human Error – without help of Business Software, staff and employees may experience the downside of using excel sheets or pen and paper in recording business transactions especially if they are dealing with prices and inventory count.
  3. Reports and Government Compliance – nowadays Business Software can automatically generate reports and forms that complies with the requirements of government agencies and it helps lessen the burden to the businesses on what are the standard in terms of what to submit to the agencies. It can also make the reports accurate and less complicated for presentation to the management.

Business Software as the New Trend in the New Normal

Looking into the future companies must face the reality that manual way of doing business is not the ideal process. Businesses must step up to explore Business Software in order for them to stay ahead and to be competitive. There’s no harm in investing in Business Software, it is just a matter of knowing what your company needs and requires so the Business Software that your company will acquire will be cost-effective, manageable and applicable.

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