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2020 is quite a year to remember, from the Covid-19 virus, unemployment rate rising, global economy in peril, up to small businesses closing due to stop operations. The new normal is really something that everyone needs to cope with. And as part of the new normal, more and more people are starting to open their own small businesses, from homemade cookies, frozen goods, bottled goods, to personal care products, and Covid-19 essentials kit. This article with tackle the “In the Books: Quick Guide on How to Start Your Business in Time of Pandemic”  

Starting your own business may require more efforts than it usually does especially in time of the new normal. Here are some quick guides and checklists you may consider in starting your business according to the books:

  1. Research – some might say that research is just for the books and it will make the process even longer than just putting up your business. But you just can’t put up a business quickly and hope that it will last and prosper, right? Doing your own research or even by just reading other people’s research is essential for you to determine what you should and shouldn’t do in order to have a successful business.
  2. Planning – after doing your research, you can now proceed to planning. In planning your business don’t just stick with what’s in the books but rather put in your own ideas to make more unique than what is already available in the market.
  3. Funding – as they say, without money your business won’t take off from the ground. Proper funding will help you to take your business to the next level.
  4. Business Tools – to properly monitor your business’s financial condition and be able to make drastic and important decisions, Accounting Software are one of the most essential tools that one business should have. In the Philippines, there many Accounting Software available in the market such as QNE Software, SAP, and Quickbooks to name a few.
  5. New Normal Protocols – starting a business nowadays is not like before that is why you should abide by the government’s health protocols and other rules and regulation to have a smooth flowing business transaction.

You might also ask yourself, “Is it really ideal to start a business during the time of pandemic?” Starting your business in this time and environment can and will make your business even stronger for the years to come.

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